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If you're thinking hard about how you are going to progress your career you'll suddenly realise that there are lots of things you don't know!


What exactly are the partners looking for? And just what is the process to get promoted?


How are you meant to hit your billable hours target AND find the time to win your own clients and build a team?


How big does your client portfolio need to be to get onto Partner Track? Does it matter that I might not have enough?


How on earth can you get out from under your partners' shadow to win your own work and get noticed?

Tax Director - UK


I really do wish I had signed up with you earlier, but I am delighted that I made the decision to join Progress To Partner …! The Managing Partner said I am a hot topic at partner meetings as they have noticed a huge change in my focus and are receiving excellent feedback from their own contacts."

Here’s How to NOT Get Noticed in Your Firm


Keep your head down


Get the work done


Hope you get noticed

Director, Deloitte Australia


What prompted me to join Progress To Partner was there weren’t very many resources that give the inside scoop and your course seemed to come from a place of deep knowledge of professional services.



If you think it's your firm's responsibility to develop you, then you're wrong.

If you're relying on your firm for your own development, you're putting yourself at risk by giving the firm control of whether you progress or not.

It’s never too early to start preparing for partnership. Why? Because it will take you years to master some of the skills and habits you need to become a partner at your firm. The earlier you start, the stronger candidate you will be. When we get asked this question – “how early should I start preparing for partnership?” – by senior managers or associates, we tell them at least 2-3 years for these two reasons.

If you are not yet a senior associate or manager - so much the better! Use the Progress to Partner membership site to build up your “partner-ready” skills - the partners will notice a high-flying associate or manager who is already showing they know what skills are needed to make partner.

Look at those people - who are not as technically strong as you - but who are progressing faster than you. What are they doing that you are not?

They are taking action! They have quite simply taken control of their own development and their own career progression.

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Are you ready to do the same?

To ensure that you are put on the partner track, start investing in yourself. Get in the driving seat and move your career forward.

Progress to Partner - it's the Membership "sister" site of How to Make Partner

Progress to Partner is a subscriber-only website that will give you the knowledge as well as the confidence and the time to make progress in your firm.

You will have checklists, guides, short recordings and self-study courses so that you can focus exactly where it's needed each day, week and month of your career.

You can log-in to work through a self-study course module, read a guide, watch a video and steadily go through the workbooks in the Progress to Partner subscriber-only site.

Do this regularly and you will have all the tools you need to be able to progress in your career.

Do this regularly and people will be looking at you, getting ahead and wondering how you are doing it!

You'll have everything you need right there, no need to go down a rabbit-hole searching the entire internet (and not finding what you need).

Want to see how Progress to Partner membership site can help you with networking, winning work and building your client portfolio?

It’s like having a Netflix account for your career

Find what you need to watch or read at the time you need it. Everything you need to know about getting ahead in your career in professional services is there.


All our self-study courses are there - As a Premium Subscriber you'll be able to work through them at your own page, one module at a time


Follow our Game Plans with curated content from all over the site


Watch our Quick Win videos when you only have a few minutes but need some guidance


Premium subscribers can join our monthly live Lunch & Learn Workshops at no extra charge AND can catch up on the recordings at a later date.

Consultant - Singapore


I did one course in Progress to Partner and it was a game changer. I now have much more time.

Progress to Partner Pricing - What Will You Get? 

Basic Level Subscribers


Basic Level Members - you know you need more help with your career but you’re not sure you need all the self-study courses just yet.

A Basic level subscription will mean that you can watch all our past webinars and workshop recordings, watch our quick win videos and work through the guides and the game plans to get a great level of basic support with your career progression.

Work through each Partner skill (or key indicator) and you can also sign up to receive a free week-long email course that will take you through the fundamentals of what you need to achieve in each skill set.

We think that for just £35 + VAT a year this is an absolute bargain, we want to help you make a start.

Look at those people who you see who are progressing faster than you. The ones who are not as technically strong as you? How did they do it? They took action! They took control of their own development and their own career progression.

Tax Director - UK


I really do wish I had signed up with you earlier, but I am delighted that I made the decision to join Progress To Partner …! The Managing Partner said I am a hot topic at partner meetings as they have noticed a huge change in my focus and are receiving excellent feedback from their own contacts."

Why Choose Us As Your Career Partner


Develop at your own pace

Whether you are still preparing, actively working towards partnership or are getting ready for the presentation, we offer a level of service.


Strengths and Weaknesses

Partnership requires a variety of personal and technical skills. Play to your strengths and cover your weaknesses, track progress with our assessments.


Coach Led Programs

Our team is vastly experienced and can often unlock progress to partner with a switch of mindset. The insights and aha moments are what we look for.


Entry Level Program

Preparing early for Partner is by far the easiest way to get there in the end. In small and subtle ways at first, your skills and reputation inside the business emerges. Give yourself time.


Premium Monthly 

This is often for the sprint, cramming and final preparation. If you only need to work on a specific area for a short period then this is the level of membership that lets you do that.


Premium Annual

If you have decided on the path to partnership and are actively taking steps, this program gets you access to everything, and us. Work through the areas of your assessment with us to guide you.

How can we help you?

Please complete the form below to provide us with your information, and we will contact you as soon as possible to offer our assistance.


Heather Townsend

Heather Townsend is the leading global expert in what it takes to move from senior fee earner to partner – and when you get there, stay there. She regularly runs programmes to help fee earners take the step up to partner, and establish themselves as a new partner, for mid-tier law, accountancy and consultancy firms. It just so happens that she is rather good (and not really that modest either!) in helping individuals successfully market and sell themselves. Just the skills you need when you are aiming to grow your client portfolio AND make it to partner.

In fact, her clients have added over £1 million in fees to their client portfolio in the last year. Heather often works with private clients who want to drive their own career (regardless of the development options offered by their firm) via her Progress To Partner membership site. The membership site helps lawyers, accountants and consultants to:

  • Find the time to work ON their career development and business development
  • Grow their client portfolio
  • Develop a strong personal case so that they are seen as the next partner
  • Get onto partner track rather than been seen as only a “safe pair of hands”
  • Build, write and pitch their business case
  • Prepare for the partnership panel interviews

She is the author of 6 books including ‘How to make partner and still have a life‘ (co-authored with Jo Larbie), ‘Poised for partnership‘, ‘The Financial Times guide to business networking‘ and ‘The Go-To Expert‘. Her books have sold over 20,000 copies globally and been translated into over 6 different languages and attracted over 200 five star reviews on Amazon.Her coaching style has been described as challenging, friendly but very supportive.

Are You Ready to do The Same?

If not, and you have questions that we can help you with, then don't hesitate to contact us and we'll respond quickly,

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