Work through the business case course

If you’re less than a year from making partner, your business case should be top of mind. Remember that you won’t be able to do justice to a business case or to all your hard work if you leave creating it to the last minute. No one can put together a cast-iron business case for partner in an evening or over a weekend!


Your business case isn’t a report of how hard you’ve been working. Your business case is where you demonstrate the commercial promise of making you up to partnership. It is where you show your partners how you are going to increase the profits of the firm.


A Guide to Creating a Cast-Iron Business Case for Partnership

Learn how you can create a Business Case that demonstrates how you will make your firm more profitable by being admitted to the partnership.


How to Build a Cast-Iron Business Case for Partner course

Now work through each of the 5 modules in the How to Build a Cast-Iron Business Case for Partner course.


What makes a good Business Case For Partnership

Use this guide to help you plan your internal PR campaign to make sure that when it comes to that all-important vote, you make sure that you are the one that every partner is backing.