How to Create a Strong Hybrid Team

Are you struggling to keep on top of your workload now you and others are mostly working from home? Do you wish you knew how to get the same levels of social cohesion and trust in your team, that you used to have when you all came into the office every day?

Wherever your team is based, being able to create a strong team beneath you is the secret to being able to move your career to partner. This on-demand course will show you exactly how to do that.

By the end of this course you will:

  • What a high performing team looks like
  • How to give feedback that leaves both sides content.
  • How to create cohesion and trust in your Hybrid Team
  • How to delegate to your hybrid team
  • Ways to motivate your hybrid team

This course will take you 12 to 18 hours to complete. It consists of a video plus exercises to help you identify your niche

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How to hack your brain to successfully lead yourself and other through change

In this webinar, you'll learn proven tips to hack your brain to help you embrace the future rather than wanting to resolutely stick to the status quo. You'll deep-dive into change models and we'll point out the mistakes you need to avoid making while leading yourself and others through change.


How to Delegate Like a Pro Course

This course will help you delegate your work to others to free yourself up to focus on more valuable or important things to spend your time on.

This course is available as a single purchase of £50+ VAT or as part of a Progress to Partner membership monthly subscription.


How to Lead Yourself and Others Through Change Course

Firms around the world are starting to look for their future partners to be capable and confident at leading themselves and others through change. Is that you now? If this is an area you need to work on, this course will help you reduce your resistance to change and speed up your ability to lead yourself and others through change.

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