Delegate to your team to make sure you are working on the right things

The more senior you get in a firm, the greater the need to delegate for a multitude of reasons. If you don’t delegate, you stop the following happening:

  • freeing up your time for higher value activities, e.g. business development
  • generating a good profit margin for the work you are doing
  • developing people more junior to you


How to quickly create an ideal team enviroment

It doesn't actually matter where you are in professional services, but often in your role you are required to bring together people quickly into a team, and deliver on a project, whether that's a one-off audit, whether that's a one-off piece of tax or it could be a longer consultancy where you and the team are on-site for three months, six months a year. So the challenge you've always got is how do you create that team environment quickly. We tell you all about it in this video (18min watch)


How to delegate effectively so that you have time to work on your career

One of the best ways of starting to make some time for business development AND strengthening your personal case is delegation to more junior members of the team.

The problem is that delegation doesn’t always come easily or naturally. In this 24-minute video, we'll explore how to change your mindset and start delegating to free up your time to work on the things that will help you progress your career.


Module 8 Video 'Delegation' from the How to Create a Strong Hybrid Team Course


The questions on page 23-24 (Module 8) of the Workbook from the How to Create a Strong Hybrid Team Course