Business development and building your client portfolio

To progress your career in practice you need to move from being a great technician into someone who can be relied upon to win good quality work.

To do that you will need to differentiate yourselves from your peers AND the more experienced members of your practice.

One of the hardest things to do when going for partner is to make the time to build your own client portfolio. Business development is non-chargeable time – which often means it has to be done in your own time. Tough ask

Business case

Follow these steps to learn how to get building your own client portfolio


How to choose and make yourself irresistible to your ideal client


This is Module 1 of the Go-To-Expert Course.

To get the whole low-down and the skills you need to become known as the Go-To-Expert We recommend you work through the whole Go-to-Expert


The Reluctant Business Developer's Guide to Winning clients

This guide contains over 50 tried and tested tips you can replicate today to help you win your own work.


How to get the referral, not the partner?

What are the four ingredients for a referral to take place? What needs to happen if you're going to get the referral? How to create a personal brand strong enough that you're the first choice for the referral, not the partner?