Career Development Plan

You’re a member of Progress to Partner so we know that you are ambitious to progress your career. It’s time to create and use a career development plan. This means that you’ll have a plan that you look at weekly, and block out time in your diary to work on. It’s all too easy to get sucked into the day job, and then before you know it, 3, 6, 9 months have gone past and you think ‘I’ve not moved that forward’.

To really commit to your career ambitions, it’s time to treat your career as if it’s another client - and block time in your diary to work through it - every week. Your career plan will give you the structure, clarity, and guidance to gain the skills, knowledge, mindset, and experience to take your career to the next stage.



2 Modules of How to Put Together a Development Plan to Achieve Your Career Goals


How to put together a career development plan that will really accelerate your career progress

Watch time: 42 minutes.


Career Action Plan

Use this plan to decide on the activities you need to do to achieve, in the next year, your goals from all parts of your life.


Blank Weekly Planner

Use this weekly planner template to map out the action points you are going to do on your career plan in the week.