Start building your Business Case for partnership (to top level)

It’s not too early to think about your business case! Your business case is where you demonstrate to your partners the commercial benefits to them of admitting you to the partnership. This isn’t something you can write over a weekend. The sooner you are aware of what is needed, the sooner you can start working to create your business case for partner.
We’ve seen mouths drop open when I say, “a good business case needs to be forged over a 3-year period.“

A business case is not a simple form that you just jot down, that’s just documenting it. A true business case demonstrates how you can grow a practice within a practice which will grow the profits of the firm.

Growing a partner-sized portfolio is impossible to ‘do over the weekend’ so the sooner you can start off the starting blocks, the better. Start here!

Creating a business case normally has three phrases:

  1. Building your business case – i.e. building the start of your own practice
  2. Writing your business case – i.e. filling in your practice’s business case forms and documents
  3. Pitching your business case in the partnership panel interview
Business case


Module 1 of How to Build a Cast-Iron Business Case for Partnership

What makes a good business case for partnership? (14 mins watch)


How to Create a Cast-Iron Business Case for Partnership

In this webinar (28 mins), you’ll hear what a business case for partnership actually means and what you need to consider while building a strong one that will help you make partner.

A classic and extremely common mistake that partner candidates make is not starting early enough. It’s easily done when you have what you perceive to be a lot of time ahead of you. If you want to make partner, however, you need to start winning business and building your business and personal cases as soon as you possibly can.

1. Download and complete the STAGe Model to put your Business Plan onto one page


Guide to Creating your 1-Page Talk Sheet

Then start creating your own version of the Talk Sheet to help you talk through your Business Case for partnership.




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