Step up your business development

If you’re one year from making partner, you should be already successfully networking and winning new work for your firm.  It’s time to take your daily and weekly business development activities to the next level!


Become The Go-To Expert

You may have shied away from this flagship Progress to Parter course, but now is the time to get stuck in and work hard to become known as “the go-to expert” in your niche or specialism


This course gives you a simple jargon-free step-by-step process to be seen as THE expert to call. By taking this course you will discover simple steps to build your profile, how to grow your reputation and differentiate yourself from the competition and win new business.


Module 1 of the Go-To Expert Course (Business development basics)

There are 8 modules to work through:  To get started is always the hardest step! So click here.