The Go-To Expert

To progress your career in practice, you need to move from being a great technician into someone who can be relied upon to win good quality work. To do that, you will need to differentiate yourselves from your peers AND the more experienced members of your practice. Not an easy task! This course gives you a simple jargon-free step-by-step process to be seen as THE expert to call. By taking this course you will discover simple steps to build your profile, how to grow your reputation and differentiate yourself from the competition and win new business.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Have chosen your specialism and know how to market yourself to generate the right type of work for yourself and the firm as a whole
  • Have a plan to raise your visibility so you are the first person your network thinks about when they have a good referral for you
  • Know exactly what to do to move from coffees to instructions (i.e. how to routinely generate work from your network)
  • Have explored the sales process and know what you need to do personally to convert the right leads into sales
  • Know how to set your prices so that your profitability increases and your ability to convert clients increases
  • Have worked out how you will achieve the demands of your day job and progress your business development plan

This course will take you 12 to 18 hours to complete. It consists of a video plus exercises to help you identify your niche

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How to win work in 30 minutes without leaving your house recording

This 50-minute masterclass will help you to get to grips with business development and become a rainmaker for your firm..

How to structure your business development activity virtual masterclass recording

This 45-minute masterclass will help you work out how to structure your business development activity so it doesn't get neglected.

How to increase your bid/tender win rate recording

This is a 1-hour recording of a virtual masterclass with the author of "Winner Takes All" Scott Keyser. In this masterclass he shows you how to differentiate your firm - even if you sell a commodity service, how to come out of your partners' shadow in a pitch, and Scott's Secret Sauce: The 7 ingredients needed to increase your win rate.

Bonuses: Free Resources

Choosing a different niche when yours has radically declined

Choosing your niche worksheet

How to find and monetise your niche video

Blogging made easy: How to turn your blog into your best work-winning asset