Find out the process to get admitted to the partnership in your firm

The partnership admission process is shrouded in mystery. What is the process? What actually happens at an assessment centre? Is it the same in every firm? While this mystique helps to keep this esteemed partner image behind the curtain, the problem with mystery is that it often elicits fear. How can you prepare for something that you don’t even understand?

This section should help you to understand a bit more about what is expected of you in the partnership admissions process.


1. f you haven't already download and complete the How To Create a Cast-Iron Business Case for Partnership.


How To Create a Cast-Iron Business Case for Partnerhsip

2. Acing The Partnership Admissions Process


Acing The Partnership Admissions Process


Partner Panel Checklist

Use this checklist to prepare your partnership panel interview.

3.Interview Time!


How to successfully pitch your business case at your partnership panel interview (42 mins)

In this masterclass, You'll learn a proven process to put together your one and three-sentence sell to make your business case succinct and punchy, an easy-to-follow and successful structure for your business case pitch that makes an impact and you memorable for the right reasons. Also, the 3 key elements to make your business case presentation more persuasive and effective, and how to anticipate and answer the 3 types of questions you will receive in your partnership panel interview