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You’ve made a plan, you’ve carved out some time, but what do you actually do now?

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The Reluctant Business Developer's Guide to Winning clients

This guide contains over 50 tried and tested tips you can replicate today to help you win your own work.

Remember, you’re probably better at this than you think - Most people in a professional services firm are selling all the time. Whether it is influencing a client to accept a different deadline, convincing a partner that a member of staff would be better utilised on another project or actually selling services, most people in a firm are selling day in day out. However, most of us don’t see it that way


How to go from Coffees to Instructions


How to become a rainmaker when you’re known as a great technician ​​

To get the whole low-down and the skills you need to become known as the Go-To-Expert We recommend you work through the whole Go-to-Expert


How to Win Work From Existing Clients

As a manager, senior manager or senior associate, you would be expected to be able to win more work from your existing clients. What you may not realise is that the easiest way to win work (and get noticed positively by your partners) is to start to win work from the clients in your portfolio. You know, the ones you are talking to most days. This masterclass breaks down what it actually takes to be able to win work from these clients.